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Welcome to a new concept in Mallorca


Located in the exclusive Calvià area of the island, ME Mallorca is set among the rich Mediterranean pines and palm trees that front the iconic sandy beaches. The d esign-driven concept offers a tailored experience for each and every individual, bringing a personalised service that connects with the real you.

ME Mallorca’s broad range of facilities and services include two swimming pools, a SkinC Spa with contemporary rituals and beauty treatments, a 24-hour gym, poolside dining, through-the-night room service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and spacious rooms and suites with breathtaking views.

Spa – ME Mallorca

A feel-good, soothing spa experience where you will find the ideal rituals and treatments to match your mood. Beauty-enriching formulas and extreme relaxation techniques are waiting to be enjoyed in a pure and contemporary space. All SkinC treatments are based on personalisation, with custom-made processes tailored to the needs and desires of each person. SkinC offers highly intense, 100% pure and active serums from Japan, allowing you to experiment with an all-new skincare experience.


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