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PURE nano hydrating gel

  A multi-tasking gel that repairs, hydrates, tones, protects and primes your skin — all in one simple step so you can get on with your day in a jiffy. This gel-based, water-soluble emulsion harnesses nature’s most powerful active ingredients: Seaweed extract and vitamin C are encapsulated ...

105 €
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PURE deepsea hydrating mask 30ml

  The new Deepsea Hydra Mask (8) is a triple-treat (it clarifies, hydrates and whitens in one simple step) gel mask that replenishes your skin’s moisture with precious deep-sea water from southern Japan. Extremely pure and rich in nutrients, deep-sea water is a powerful natural resource t...

49 €
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Don´t be left "dehy&dry": They are not the same. Dehydrated skin lacks hydration or moisture. Dry skin lacks oil. So stay hydrated and moisturized.