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To be the face of change in the skin care industry worldwide, and a positive force of influence, impacting lives.


1. To change from passive to pro-active Skin Inc fully engages customers in understanding their own skin needs.

2. To change from time-consuming to time-saving Skin Inc will continually source for products and treatments that deliver the best results with minimal interference to their customers? daily routines.

3. To change from standard to customised formulas Skin Inc believes that everybody has a unique skin identity. Hence solutions must be tailor-made to see real results.

4. To change from dollars-and-cents to dollars-and-sense Skin Inc wants to instil a sense of social responsibility in their stakeholders and actively contribute back to the community.


Skin Inc essentially represents the HOPES and dreams of every woman today. Their corporate values therefore hinge on what each of their stakeholders (staff, customer and partner) HOPES for:

1.Honourable in their business practices

2.Open & respectful of every individual

3.Pureness in quality of their products

4.Excellent in all that they undertake

5.Staff-loving towards their employees



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