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1. Go with active ingredients

They are the key to great skin. Most products contain very small quantities. Choose with higher concentration for better results.

2. Ban parabens

They are harsh preservatives used to prolong the shelf life of products. They can also cause allergic reactions like skin rash and even cancer. Stay clear.

3. makes sense

Scent-free products are gentler on sensitive skin. Many skincare products contain fragrances that may be toxic or carcinogenic.

4. Less is more

Products that perform multiple functions save you time and money. You get great skin in fewer steps, with fewer products.

5. Don´t be left "dehy&dry"

They´re not the same. Dehydrated skin lacks hydration or moisture. Dry skin lacks oil. So stay hydrated and moisturized.

6. Fil up with collagen

Depleted collagen causes skin to sag and wrinkles to form. Supplement collagen topically and orally to plump up your skin.

7. Choose marine collagen

It´s more easily absorbed than other forms of collagen, contains essential amino acids that hydrate your skin and make lines less visible.

8. Seal with ceramides

Creams smoothen but don´t prevent moisture loss. Choose products with ceramides to strengthen your skin´s protective layer, soothe irritation and aid healing.

9. Exfoliate to radiate

Regular exfoliation removes dead cells. This helps your skin absorb the active ingredients in your skin care products better.

10. Discover your skin identity

Everyone´s skin is different and changes over time. Stop seeing results?It´s time to reassess your skin´s condition so you know what it needs.

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