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SKIN INC opened its doors to the public in January of 2011 and a new cosmetic approach landed in Madrid. A Supplement Bar for our skin that serves not only cleansing, hydration, nutrition and protection but it serves it as something personalized and tailored to individual skin type.

SKIN INC is a Japanese cosmetics brand that does not believe in oily, dry or mixed skin, but we believe that each person's skin is like a fingerprint and has its own identity. This means that each skin need a specific treatment for its features so we need to know more about our skin to treat it the best possible way.

In our center we help you know your skin, you know what you really need at all times and what is the status of your skin today because the skin must be cared for daily.

Approach SKIN INC and enjoy our extensive menu of products and treatments and discover the beauty of your skin giving it what really calls for and needs.


Tel.» +34 91 436 27 81
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